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雅思口语:a complaint that you made and you were satisfied w

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  我们平日里最常投诉的就是餐饮业,因为一日三餐可能都要在外面解决,所以他们遭到我们投诉的概率就非常大啦。比如外卖忘记给餐具啦,送来的汤只剩下一半啦,在饭店吃到一半发现小强啦,我就不信你从来没经历过!无论平时你多怂,但是按照雅思口语题目的要求—describe a complaint that you made and you were satisfied with the result,这次我们不光要投诉,老板还必须得给我们个满意的结果!来吧,顾客就是上帝,我们一起意淫一篇小短文吧:


  All of a sudden someone grabbed me around the neck.


  The smell made my stomach turn over (= made me feel sick).

  -It’s no good, sir. He’s frightened of them, too.

  The other day, I was eating out in a restaurant with some of my friends near my high school. We were joking, laughing and having fun. However, all of a sudden, I noticed a bug right in the middle of a dish. I couldn't name what kind of bug it was, it’s like a cockroach or something, anyway, I felt so disguised, I mean, it was so stomach turning. All of us suddenly lost our appetite. We were so angry, so we sent for the manager, and I was like, ‘We didn’t order this bug, what’s it doing in my soup? Any explanations?’ He was terribly sorry, and he said something like… ‘It must have been an accident, our kitchen is spotless, the food hygiene in our restaurant is completely guaranteed’, blah, blah, blah...


  Have a drink on the house.



  And in order to show how sorry he was, he decided to make it up to us. He said, everything we ordered that day was on the house, and he hoped this accident wouldn’t stop us from visiting his restaurant in the future. He promised, he would give us a free dish every time we go there.



  Here’s what happened.

  eat out = to have a meal in a restaurant, etc. rather than at home例如:

  on the house = drinks or meals that are on the house are provided free by the pub/ bar or restaurant and you do not have to pay例如:

  He suffered from headaches and loss of appetite.




  I saw Jack the other day.

  They said, ‘Come in, sit down, blah, blah, blah, sign here’.

  all of a sudden = quickly and unexpectedly例如:

  Don't spoil your appetite by eating between meals.


  The walk gave me a good appetite.

  appetite = physical desire for food例如:

  the other day = recently 例如:

  stomach turning = producing feelings of disgust or nausea例如:

  make up (to somebody) for something = to do something for somebody or give them something because you have caused them trouble, suffering or disappointment and wish to show that you are sorry = compensate 例如:

  I'm, he's, she's, etc. ~ used in very informal speech, to mean ‘I say’, ‘he/ she says’, etc.例如:

  Pictures of the burnt corpses turned my stomach.

  And then I'm like ‘No Way!’

  I'll make it up to you, I promise.

  So I’m pretty satisfied with his attitude and I like the fact that he could take on his responsibility as a manager.

  How can I make up for the way I've treated you?

  Do you feel like eating out tonight?


  sent for = to ask or tell somebody to come to you, especially in order to help you例如:

  blah = people say blah, blah, blah, when they do not want to give the exact words that somebody has said or written because they think they are not important or are boring例如:

  Send for a doctor, quickly!

  I’d like to talk about the time I made a complaint to the manager of a restaurant and I was pretty satisfied with the way he handled the whole thing.

  -Waiter, there’s a spider in my soup, send for the manager!




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