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剑桥雅思13Test3 口语话题解析

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  Yeah, definitely. I always imagine what my life would be like if I became a billionaire, which is why I buy lottery tickets all the time hoping to win the jackpot. That way, I wouldn’t have to be tied to my work and I would have more time and money for my hobbies.

  Um… yeah, sometimes, especially when the thing I wanna buy is pretty pricey. I remember once, I had my eye on a pair of high-heels, but after I checked the price tag, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s almost half of my salary.’ So I just had to save up a little for it.

  4. Would winning a lot of money make a big difference to your life?

  Well, actually, neither of them. I haven’t paid anything in cash or by card ever since the advent of online payment platform. It’s just so convenient, you know. I just need to use my phone to scan the QR code, and the payment is done. It saves me the trouble of taking a wallet with me when I go out.

  3. Would you ever take a job which had low pay?

  have one’s eye on something: 看上…想买

  1. When you go shopping, do you prefer to pay for things in cash or by card?

  That really depends. I mean, right now, I definitely wouldn’t, ‘cause I could barely make ends meet. I have to pay rent, support my family and things like that. However, someday in the future, if money is no object for me, maybe I’ll do some low-paid jobs, or even some voluntary work, just for personal enrichment.

  剑13Test4 Part 1 Money

  advent: …的出现,…的到来

  money is no object: 不差钱

  QR code: 快速反应码,二维码

  make ends meet: 收支相抵


  win the jackpot: 中头奖

  price tag: 价签

  2. Do you ever save money to buy special things?




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